How much do you know about ecoresponsible packaging?

  • In Québec, who finances the recovery of the containers, packaging and printed matter you put in your recycling bin?

  • Name one of the advantages of choosing packaging made with recycled materials.

  • For packaging to be recycled, citizens must:

  • How can you tell whether a packaging has been designed with fewer materials?

  • How can packaging help you waste less food?

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Every day tips and advice

Before buying a product, take a look at its packaging. You will notice that some companies use packaging that is both resistant and more eco-responsible, and therefore has less impact on the environment. Here are three eco-responsible characteristics to look for.

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Made with recycled materials

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Designed to use fewer materials

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Tips & tricks to pick up good habits

Whether we want to stock our kitchen cupboards, get dressed or take a shower, we need to purchase a lot of things to get through the day. It’s therefore important to keep the environment in mind.

According to
the place the product is consumed

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According to
the type of purchase

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According to the special occasion

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Companies who improve their packaging